Artist Recycles 65,000 CDs as Shiny, Floating "Water Lilies"

CC BY 2.0. Bruce Munro/Photo by Ron Cogswell via Flickr

Like a skilled visual creator painting with light instead of paints, British artist Bruce Munro's works are impressive and evocative, taking form in large scale installations like this human-powered light show in a geodesic dome and a field of light created with energy-efficient LED lights. But his latest work involves a fair bit of recycling -- using some 65,000 shiny CDs.

Dubbed "Waterlilies," the piece was done for Longwoods Garden in Pennsylvania -- Munro's first work in the US. Comprising of 100 6-ft foam lilies and 100 8-ft foam lilies topped with 65,000 recycled CDs, the waterborne artworks are giant lightcatchers meant to catch and reflect patterns of light.

There's a bit of botanical history inspiring the piece, says Munro:

Floating tranquilly in the Large Lake that edges Peirce’s Woods, Waterlilies is a tribute to the platter-like Victoria waterlily that the Gardens first hybridized in 1961. Comprised of foam discs topped with thousands of recycled CDs, the installation mirrors the ever-changing hues of the surrounding landscape. This installation is best viewed by day.

Thankfully, Munro intends to reuse the materials in future installations after the show is over -- after all, that is a lot of CDs. Check out more of his work on his website.