Recycle Copy Paper Into Toilet Paper

It's not a copy. It's the real thing!. (Photo: Sharon Mollerus [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

No, this is not a joke. You can now buy a machine to place in your office that will recycle copy paper into toilet paper, while you wait. With 1,800 sheets of standard A4 size paper, the machine will make two rolls of toilet paper. The process takes about an hour, so if you’re running low on toilet paper in your office, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Although this is a unique alternative to traditional paper recycling options, I just don’t see it being eco-friendly, bottom-line friendly, or bottom friendly. The machine appears to be rather large and I’m guessing it doesn’t come with an EnergyStar rating so the power demands of the product are unknown.

The product costs $95,000, which is not very friendly to the financial bottom line. The thought of using an onsite recycling process to turn scratchy copy paper into toilet paper leads me to believe that it isn’t very bottom friendly, either.

However, the product is unique, and imaginative products can lead to truly efficient solutions. Perhaps this specific machine isn’t the answer to your paper recycling woes, but it might inspire another eco-engineer to come up with a new solution.

If you live in Japan and want to try out this high-tech paper-recycling machine in your place of business, the product will be available in August from Nakabayashi.

via [CrunchGear]