Recycle-A-Bicycle and Plan B

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A TH reader, going by the name Wookosh, of NY, asked a while back where he might drop off his old bicycle inner tubes, and such forth, for recycling or reuse. Hadn't really found a answer for him when these guys came to our attention. If they dunno, who would? For over a decade Recycle-a-Bicycle (RAB) have been "dedicated to youth development, environmental education, recycling and bicycle transportation in New York City." They accomplish this through bike repair and maintenance courses for 10 to 18 year olds. After participating through three quarters of such a workshop, students can "Earn-A-Bike" on sweat-equity and spend the remaining time doing it up. That's the program in a nutshell, though it's heaps more comprehensive. But we wanted to take the opportunity to alert you to a relationship Recycle-a-Bicycle have with a like-minded organsation in New Orleans, known as Plan B — the Community Bike Project. Between the two them they are looking to raise funds to get more bike mechanics on the ground, so more salvaged bikes can hit the streets of hurricane ravaged New Orleans. Both seem to be genuine programs, with highly altruistic leanings, very worthy of any greenbacks you can spare. ::Recycle-a-Bicycle and ::Plan B