17 Recipes for an Unforgettable Vegan Barbecue

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The grill isn’t reserved for meat. Below, you’ll find awesome recipes that are not only free of animal products, but are sure to make for a memorable barbecue. We’ve picked main dishes, sides, drinks and desserts to inspire your next summer cookout.


Grilled mushrooms are great on their own, or you can build them into burgers with a bun, onions, vegan cheese, and all the fixins.’

A favorite meat alternative, this tempeh recipe is a great way to use your favorite bbq sauce.

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Spice up that veggie burger! These burgers aren’t intended to be cooked on the grill, but they make for a satisfying summer sandwich.


vegan barbecue

Summer cookouts are incomplete without potato salad. Luckily, vegan mayo makes it a snap with this recipe from Namely Marly.

For a twist on the classic potato salad, try adding avocados.

vegan barbecue

Marinated zucchini strips could be a main dish or a filling side.

Speaking of avocados, this fruit goes great on the grill too!

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This refreshing salad combines two wonderful summer foods.

Grilled corn is delicious with just a little salt and pepper, or dressed up with seasonings from the south.

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Can’t choose between guac and salsa? This fruity combo is the best of both worlds.

Mix and match grilled watermelon and pineapple on a skewer. This recipe features a coconut glaze inspired by pina kolada. You can also throw strawberries into the mix.


This southern classic is sweetened with agave nectar.

Pick the sweetest berries of the season for this fresh take on pink lemonade.

If your bbq calls for something boozy and bubbly, this fruity cocktail is sure to please!


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Grilled peaches are one of my favorite things. Use just enough sugar to give the fruit a light caramelized glaze.

16. Strawberry basil creamsicles

No, you won’t be making these on the grill, but your guests are sure to be delighted when you break these popsicles out of the freezer!

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© Minimalist Baker
This recipe from Minimalist Baker has just seven ingredients!

Do you have a favorite vegan recipe for the grill? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.