5 Recipes for Radish Leaves

Person pulling radishes out of the ground

lpinchuk / Getty Images

Several years ago, when I started looking at how to use the parts of foods we often throw away, one of the first totally out-of-the-ordinary recipes I made was radish top soup. I loved the peppery taste of the radish leaves. Most of the time the leafy greens from radish plants get thrown away or composted, but they're edible and delicious. Here are several recipes that make use of radish leaves.

  1. Radish Top Soup – This is the recipe I used for that first foray into eating radish tops. Mixed with potatoes and topped with sliced radishes, this creamy, pureed soup will turn you into a radish green lover.
  2. Radish Greens Dal – Radish greens and lentils are the base for this spicy curry.
  3. Radish Leaf Pesto – The greens from radishes replace the basil and parsley in this pasta topper that can also be used as a dip.
  4. Spicy Stir-Fried Radish Greens – Garlic and a sauce are added to the greens and stir fried for one of the fastest side dishes you can make.
  5. Radish Leaves and Avocado Quiche – This is one green quiche. The recipe calls for making mini quiches and topping them with sliced radishes. Very colorful.