7 Reasons to Roast Your Squash Seeds

Don't toss those squash seeds! . (Photo: Denise Torres/Shutterstock)

I just took roasted butternut squash out of the oven to make soup later today, and I also roasted squash seeds for snacking. You probably know that you can roast the seeds from your pumpkin, but did you realize that you can roast and eat any winter squash seeds? You can. Here’s why you should roast the seeds from pumpkin, butternut, acorn and other winter squashes.

  1. Squash seeds are a great source of fiber. A quarter cup of squash seeds contains 4 grams of fiber.
  2. Squash seeds are an excellent plant-based source of protein. A quarter cup of squash seeds contain 3 grams of protein.
  3. The seeds from squash are rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamins A & C, folate, potassium, calcium and iron.
  4. You can create interesting pesto with squash seeds that is perfect for those with nut allergies.
  5. They’re a nutritious addition to oatmeal or salads — a small handful adds a punch of extra nutrition.
  6. When roasted with a little olive oil and salt, they are a delicious, nutritious snack that both kids and adults will like.
  7. Salt and oil are just the beginning. There are many spice combinations for roasted squash seeds. Check out this post on roasted pumpkin seeds for some ideas.

You can also save your pumpkin seeds to plant next season!

Now tell me, with all these amazing benefits and ideas, why would you ever throw away the seeds from your fresh, seasonal squash?