7 Reasons I Love Fall

If enjoying the outdoors is good enough for kids, it should certainly be good enough for you. (Photo: everst/Shutterstock)

Cool breezes have started to appear, and while outside my house I can find blooming roses still, I can also see leaves starting to yellow. I love this upcoming season. Each season is something to savor and enjoy when it first appears, but fall has a special place in my heart for so many reasons.

The first reason I love fall is because I have always been soothed by winds, rains and cloudy days. While some find Oregon weather depressing, I feel like I am wrapped up in a soft gray blanket on an overcast day. Our summer has been bright and sunny and wonderful, but as we approach fall, I don’t mind seeing clouds in the sky. I welcome them as old friends.

The second reason I love the fall is because so many happy things in my life have happened this time of year. For example, I was married in the fall and all of my children were born at the end of summer or in the fall. These days of brisk winds, chilled, but not freezing weather, and pumpkins and leaves on the ground are connected in my mind to happy events. Yes, some sad things have happened to me in the fall, but fall remains a happy season for me.

Since fall is when we pull up our bootstraps and really become more structured with the day, I also associate it with productivity in the best sense of the word. After a summer of getting many things done, perhaps, but not on a strict schedule, I find it exciting to look ahead to days with clear guidelines of activities. I have a pretty relaxed personality and love creativity more than structure, but having a little bit of structure helps me thrive. And I now see that in my children’s lives too.

The fourth reason I love the fall is because of fall clothing. Comfy jeans, soft sweaters, leggings under dresses — fall clothing is what I like to wear on a relaxing weekend day, but I get to wear it everyday! Summer clothes are often “cuter,” winter clothing is often warmer, but fall clothing sits right in the middle in a comfortable spot. You are well covered and cozy, but not wrapped up in multiple layers and scarves.

One of my most favorite things is to wrap up in a blanket (while wearing my comfy jeans and soft sweater), with a steaming cup of hot tea in hand, and grab a favorite book. An hour like this is a luxury that I don’t often get to take with two little ones in the house now, but when I get the chance, it is lovely. And, really, can you imagine doing this during the summer? During the summer it’s all about sun tanning with a cup of ice cold tea with a book in hand, which is great in its own way, but never as satisfying at the former.

The sixth reason I love the fall is because when we go on walks or I go on a jog, it’s the perfect weather for it! It’s not cold yet, so I don’t have to freeze the first few minutes, but without the sun beating down on you, I find jogging so much more relaxing and refreshing in fall weather.

And I can’t forget the seventh reason I love fall, I adore fall food. After a summer of eating light foods to help deal with the heat, we are finally allowed the luxury again of rich stews, hearty hot meals, crisp apples (made into simple caramel apples?), custardy pumpkin pies, and steaming cups of hot tea. In other words, comfort food. In many ways, comfort is what the fall is all about for me.

While many are holding onto these last official day of summer, I'm welcoming it with open arms. My face is ready to feel a cold breeze, my legs ready to be clad in jeans, and my stomach ready for all the comfort fall food can provide.