Photo: The Urederra is what fairytales are made of

© Kelly Meehan/Flickr

It's as if someone misplaced a bit of the Caribbean and it ended up in Spain. Photographer Kelly Meehan titled this shot, "What Fairytales Are Made Of....." which seems perfectly appropriate. Kelly writes:

The Urederra (which means beautiful river) is a natural exit of the aquifer, created in the rock massif karst of Urbasa, Navarre (Spain). Hiking along this river was like being immersed in a fairytale and I felt extremely grateful to be among it's turquoise pools and breathtaking waterfalls. My children were so happy. It strengthened my conviction to cultivate earth stewardship in them because “Without a feel for the texture and function of the natural world, without an intensity of engagement almost impossible in the absence of early experience, people will not devote their lives to its protection.” (Dr Aric Sigman).

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Photo: The Urederra is what fairytales are made of
Our magical photo of the day comes from Navarre, Spain.

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