7 Great Raspberry Pi YouTube Tutorials

raspberry pi computer photo
CC BY 2.0. GijsbertPeijs

GijsbertPeijs/CC BY 2.0

Happy Pi Day! After the popularity of our 20 awesome projects for Raspberry Pi slideshow, we felt the best way to celebrate the geekiest day of the year was to bring you another round of inspiration for the microcomputer. This time we rounded up the best YouTube tutorials out there, and there were quite a few to choose from.

The Raspberry Pi community is strong and a search for Raspberry Pi on YouTube brings up almost 16,000 results, but below are the best we came across, from what to do when you first unpack your device to fun projects like setting it up as an internet radio device.

1. Unbox and setup

This video takes you through the very first steps after your Raspberry Pi arrives at your door, including things like power supply connection, SD card setup and first boot.

2. Using Raspberry Pi for web hosting

This tutorial shows you step by step directions for setting up your Raspberry Pi to act as a web host for personal web pages, resumes and the like.

3. Build a retro-style computer

If you want to take on a more intense computer build based on Raspberry Pi, this is a cool one to take on.

4. Make a $35 media center

One of the most common Raspberry Pi projects is using it as a devoted media center. This video shows you one way to go about it.

5. Ultrasonic sensor

This video comes from YouTube user Raspberry Pi who uploads many tutorials for the device. This one would be a cool beginner level project that also lets you get your hands dirty. Called Raspberry Pi Spy, this project lets you measure how far away something is calculating the time interval between sending a high frequency signal and receiving the echo.

6. Internet radio

This video is the longest of the bunch, but it gives detailed directions for setting up your Raspberry Pi as an internet radio device.

7. WiFi Wireless Internet

This is an especially useful tutorial. Learn how to set up wireless internet on the Raspberry Pi.