Rarest Cat in the World Photographed in the Wild

Rare Iberian Lynx hiding copyright Pete Oxford photo
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Image: Wild Wonders of Europe
Rare Iberian Lynx Photographed in Natural Habitat

Wild Wonders of Europe has done it again. This month, photographer Pete Oxford undertook the mission to photograph the world's rarest cat -- the Iberian Lynx -- in its natural habitat. The Iberian Lynx is the only feline to be categorized by the IUCN as Critically Endangered and in danger of extinction. These cats are so rare, that a shepherd Pete questioned while attempting to hone in on his "prey" responded, in a thick rural accent: " "I cum 'ere every day, Never seen a lynx in mi life."

But Pete fulfilled his mission. The cat in the photo above, coyly peeking out from the brush, is just a teaser. To see the Iberian Lynx in its full glory, click to the extended.

Rare Iberian Lynx copyright Pete Oxford photo

Image: Wild Wonders of Europe
Gorgeous Photos of World's Rarest Cat

Unbelievably, Pete lucked out. After days of sitting fruitlessly in a freezing, windy hide, Pete saw not one but three of the rare cats. My favorite photo is captured here in TreeHugger's traditional 468 pixel width. But to see this photo and more in their full glory, check out Pete Oxford's full report on his expedition and the details of his photographic coup at Wild Wonders of Europe
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