Rare Video of Wild Siberian Tiger Cubs Offers a Heartwarming Glimpse of Family Life

Rare video of four Siberian tiger cubs has been released by officials at Leopard Land National Park in Russia. The footage shows the 3- to 4-month-old cubs playing around and interacting in a family setting.

The condensed video above shows highlights of a full day of learning, rest and playfulness for the four kittens and an adult female tiger.

A hidden camera in the park captured these precious moments, and officials at the park hope the video can help researchers learn more about Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers.

The video shows how the cubs play after the female has left to go hunting in the valley. They end up wrestling each other throughout the day, which serves as a way to hone their hunting skills. The cubs intuitively switch roles so each gets a turn.

Researchers at Leopard Land say the cubs' play also helps them develop important communication skills.

Siberian tigers are a protected species in Russia, and conservation efforts are helping. The population increased from 330 tigers in 2005 to 562 in 2015.