Rare Footage Captured of an Isolated Tribe in the Amazon Rainforest

Screen capture. FUNAI

The Amazon rainforest, with its over 2 million square miles of lush jungle, is among the wildest places left on the planet. But there in that wealth of biodiversity, still shrouded in mystery beneath the forest canopy, exists one of the most fascinating life forms of all -- fellow humans, like us, but who are living free from our narrow confines of 'civilization'.

Recently, an employee from Brazil's National Foundation of the Indian (FUNAI), captured this extremely rare footage of an isolated tribe traversing the jungle in the Amazon basin. The group, numbering nine individuals, has been identified as members of the Kawahira -- a nomadic community that has avoided contact with the outside world.

This encounter occurred in a large swath of rainforest reserved for the indigenous, located nearly 100 miles from the nearest town. Law prohibits anyone to trespass upon the Kawahira's land, with the exception of FUNAI monitors who help ensure that their right of self-determination is not being infringed by outsiders.

Unfortunately, however, due to the tribe's close proximity to the more modern frontier, their isolation remains threatened. FUNAI workers have reported finding bits of trash, like plastic bottles, in the reserve -- evidence that the ills of 'civilization' are beginning to spill into the last bastion of unintegrated humanity.

Up until recently, the tribe's presence in the region has been largely inferred by the discovery of abandoned habitations and tools, making this brief glimpse both encouraging and, at the same time, hauntingly raw.