Radioactive Rabbit Poop Litters Washington State

Is this a mutant rabbit? (No.). (Photo: Martyn Fletcher [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

This can't be healthy.

Researchers have discovered radioactive rabbit poop spread around a shuttered nuclear facility in the state of Washington. In September they flew a helicopter above nearly 16 square miles of land looking for the offending droppings, a result of rabbits licking radioactive salts found in underground lairs dug near buried waste barrels. The researchers flew a helicopter equipped with a radiation detector, looking for the rabbit poop so that it can be cleaned up.

About 50 million gallons of liquid waste from Cold War-era plutonium production were stored in a 13 square mile area in large tanks over 40 years ago. Those tanks also included radioactive cesium and strontium salts which are apparently irresistible to those of the rabbit persuasion.

I wonder how many six-legged bunnies or three-eared rabbits are hopping in the woods around those parts? Decades spent licking radioactive salts can't be good for a population.