'Racing Extinction' Documentary Gets a Boost From Microsoft Co-Founder

Paul Allen's (pictured) Vulcan Production will help promote Louie Psihoyos' latest film. (Photo: Miles Harris [CC by 3.0]/Wikimedia Commons)

While director Louie Psihoyos is promising a thrilling experience for audiences who go see his new documentary "Racing Extinction," the real gauge of of the movie's impact will be what happens after they leave the theater.

Psihoyos, who earlier won an Academy Award for his film "The Cove," has found a partner in former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Vulcan Productions to help lead the film's post-campaign.

“'Racing Extinction' is a documentary thriller, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, that tells a fast-paced story of our mass extinction and its drivers," Carole Tomko, Vulcan creative director and general manager told The Hollywood Reporter. "The campaign picks up where the film leaves off, giving audiences the tools they need to make change in their backyard and building a movement of inspired, activated fans united to make a difference."

According to Psihoyos, Allen's decision to partner will make all the difference in helping the film's message to resonate worldwide.

"Humanity is one step away from greatness or disaster, and it could be that a film helps save us," he said. "But we will need the support of Vulcan to achieve this goal."

While much of "Racing Extinction"'s plot has been kept under wraps, it's likely that last week's visual stunt on the side of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City will figure into it somehow. The event, attended by thousands (including such notables as Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio and U.N. secretary general Ban Ki-moon) featured stunning images and videos of endangered species and climate change.

You can see a full video of the stunt below. "Racing Extinction" is expected to be released later next year.