Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey Hit the Water for Sea Turtles (Video)

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Oceana has launched a new PSA for sea turtles that takes a silly approach to a serious issue. The ad features comedians Angela Kinsey ("The Office") and Rachael Harris ("My Boys" and "The Hangover") as the two work very hard to be the next Bond girls. Watch the video after the jumo.

Save the Turtles with Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey from Oceana on Vimeo.

"Angela and I have wanted to get involved with Oceana for a while so we jumped at the chance to be a part of their sea turtle campaign," said Harris in a press release from Oceana.

"The general public has no idea about the man-made dangers sea turtles face - our hope is that these ads will raise awareness as well as compel people to take action and help save these animals," Kinsey said.

Here is another ad from the series:

Rachael Harris and Angela Kinsey want to 'Get Turtles Off the Hook' from Oceana on Vimeo.

and a behind the scenes look at the two comedian advocates:

Turtles Off the Hook: Behind the Scenes with Rachael and Angela from Oceana on Vimeo.

Oceana reports that "out of the seven sea turtle species worldwide, six swim in U.S. waters and all of them are either listed as "threatened" or "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act." It's hard to believe that such an iconic species -- and one that has been important to coastal cultures for millenia -- are in such danger. Oceana is working hard to bring attention to the solvable issue. This new wave of PSAs will highlight the need for tighter protections for sea turtles.