Bicycle Wheel Brings Out Raccoon Rivalry

Young human siblings often squabble over who gets to play with which toys and when.

It turns out raccoon siblings aren't that much different.

This trio of raccoon cuties are playing with a bicycle wheel that some human no doubt thought was safely mounted on the wall, but it's just low enough for the raccoons to go for a swing. Wheee!

The wheel isn't big enough for all of them, nor do any of them seem inclined to share it. So playful fighting breaks out between the three raccoons as they try to get a turn and prevent their siblings from hopping on.

They get a few good swings in, but it mostly just becomes a series of adorable drops to the ground. They knock each other off the wheel, try jumping up there at the same time and falling off as well; it seems tricky for them to get a good grip on the wheel sometimes. It's basically just an endearing free-for-all.

We hope that human lets the raccoons keep their toy, though. It'd be a shame if they had to find something else to play with.