A Raccoon Walks Into a Drugstore ...

Raccoon on a roof CROP. CBC News/YouTube

Raccoons have a funny way of showing up where they shouldn’t be — and acting like it’s perfectly normal.

Back in 2015, a raccoon scaled a 700-foot tall construction crane in Toronto, Canada, left a poo at that perilous perch and then ambled back down to the street.

Instagram this, the raccoon seemed to mutter to the gawking crowd.

In 2016, one of the bristle-tailed bandits lumbered onto a Toronto subway car and did what most people do on the morning commute — casually sniff people and stare blankly from face to face.

Earlier this month, another raccoon did pretty much the same thing, boarding a downtown subway and then acting offended when people noticed.

Sensing a recurring theme here? Besides the fact that raccoons approach life with an unrivaled joie de whatever?

That’s right. Toronto. The Canadian city is fast becoming a mecca for masked marauders bent on misadventure.

In the latest episode, a raccoon walked into a downtown Toronto pharmacy in mid-December and — stop us if you’ve heard this one before — acted like he might have been checking the balance of his rewards points.

Let’s just come out with it: What's up with Toronto and its casual raccoon encounters?

Maybe the city’s raccoons are trying to send a message: something about sharing the city, and would you please stop putting rocks on garbage bins so they can feed their families, too?

Or maybe raccoons just want a little recognition. Maybe the next time Toronto erects a statue of one of its prominent citizens, city council might consider a raccoon.

Because if not, just maybe one of them will climb to the top of that statue and leave the kind of message that doesn't easily wash away.