Snack-Hunting Raccoon Caught Red-Handed in Florida Vending Machine

Raccoon stuck in vending machine. FOR USE AS TEASE ONLY.
raccoon in vending machine
A raccoon got stuck in the Pine Ridge High School vending machine. Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Danny Clifton was filling in for the normal campus officer at Pine Ridge High School when he got an unexpected alert about a robbery.

The Florida high school's vending machine had been infiltrated. The perpetrator was none other than a hungry raccoon.

"This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School," the Volusia County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

Luckily, Deputy Clifton was normally a part of the county's agricultural unit and knew exactly what to do.

He was let go with a warning from officials.
The raccoon was rescued from the vending machine and is safe. Volusia County Sheriff's Office

He called Deltona Animal Control, which helped him put the vending machine on a dolly so they could wheel it away to the edge of the campus.

They opened the vending machine door, giving the raccoon a safe exit. It's unknown if he actually got a snack for all his efforts.

"We're glad he’s OK and free to get on with his next adventure," the sheriff's office said in an email to MNN.