10 Totally True Quotes About Morning People

happy penguin with wings spread wide
Just can't wait to start the day!. paelur/Shutterstock
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Morning people just vault out of bed with a smile. Lee Walker/Shutterstock

You either are one, or you can't stand them. They vault out of bed, often before the alarm goes off, and accomplish more before noon than their late-night buddies even consider before dinner.

If you're a morning person (or you love someone who is), you know the controversy — and that's what this collection of wisdom is all about.

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Excuse the bedhead. fotobook/Shutterstock

Typically our preferred sleep schedules, called chronotypes, change throughout our lives. Babies and little kids are early risers, while teenagers are definite night owls. Adults tend to shift back toward morningness. But in general, we tend to have a love or hate relationship with those a.m. hours.

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Awake? Sure, I'm awake!. Zhukovskaya Elena/Shutterstock

Your preference for mornings or nights is a combination of habit, biology and even genetics. One study of nearly 90,000 people found DNA links that might identify early risers versus those who prefer the evening hours.

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Some find it tough to even open their eyes in the morning. Henner Damke/Shutterstock

But whether you love being up before sunrise or know you're really not at your best until sundown, enjoy what others have said extolling (or shaking their head at) the virtues of morning people.

happy penguin with wings spread wide
Just can't wait to start the day!. paelur/Shutterstock
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A yawn can certainly be contagious. Itay Even Hen/Shutterstock
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Some morning people are very annoying. Bachkova Natalia/Shutterstock
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Sometimes it's just tough to move. Ian Dyball/Shutterstock
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What are you looking at?. Korbut Ivetta/Shutterstock
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It's hard to sleep in when you have a little one. lonelyblueart/Shutterstock