Quote of the Day: The Wonder of Wood

CC BY 2.0. Jay Mantri on Unsplash

So much packed into so few words.

Some people can pack a lot into a single tweet. I was blown away by this one from The Cryptonaturalist, "a scripted bi-weekly podcast that explores strange nature." It just crystallizes why wood is so wonderful:

If you write out the basic facts of trees, but framed as technology, it sounds like impossible sci-fi nonsense. Self-replicating, solar-powered machines that synthesize carbon dioxide and rainwater into oxygen and sturdy building materials on a planetary scale.

Architect and writer Lance Hosey pointed out that others have made similar statements:

Enterprise interior

© Architype

That tweet from the Cryptonaturalist goes a long way to explaining why I like wood so much as a building material. I am not particularly obsessed with how tall it gets, nor do I think that Cross-Laminated Timber is the answer to all our prayers. But I do believe that using a natural material made of sunshine, water and CO2 whenever possible just makes sense. Bruce King wrote in The New Carbon Architecture:

We can structure any architectural style with wood, we can insulate with straw and mushrooms... All of these emerging technologies and more arrive in tandem with the growing understanding that the so-called embodied carbon of building materials matters a great deal more than anyone thought in the fight to halt and reverse climate change. The built environment can switch from being a problem to a solution.

A lot of people, including myself, have tried to explain why wood is such a wonderful material. But I think that the Cryptonaturalist has nailed it.