Queen's Crown Estate Identifies 180GW of Potential Marine Power

waves uk photo
CC BY 2.0. mooganic

mooganic/CC BY 2.0

From buying the world's biggest wind turbine to going solar on some of its most historic buildings, Queen Elizabeth's Crown Estate has taken some major steps toward supporting renewable energy.

But they may just be the beginning.

Business Green reports that the Crown Estate has identified a whopping 180GW of potential marine energy waiting to be harvested off the shores of Britain:

The report predicts tidal stream devices could produce 95 terawatt hours (TWh) a year from 32GW of installed capacity, tidal range barrage schemes could supply 96 TWh/year from 45GW of capacity, and tidal range lagoon schemes could produce 25TWh/year, drawing on 14GW of capacity. Meanwhile, there is the potential for 27GW of wave energy capacity, which could produce 69TWh of electricity a year.

At this stage, the reports authors stressed the findings are theoretical. But from the Sea Snake wave power device to Ecotricity's Searaser, we are not short of concepts that are out there competing for a slice of the ocean's potential. (One report suggest tidal power could inject £3 billion each year into the UK economy.)

It surely won't hurt the progress of these important technologies to have a body as influential (and wealthy) as the Crown Estate turning a spotlight on what could be achieved.