13 Quadracycles: Four Wheeled Bike Round-Up

Quadricycles lined up next to a riverfront

Cristi Croitoru / Getty Images 

Four wheeled bikes, pedal powered quad bikes, quadracycles. Call them what you will, they still promote the idea that human propelled transport can be both fun and functional. Below we have gathered just some of the versions that we've spied over the years on TreeHugger. No doubt there are many others we've missed to date and our readers will bring us up to speed.


An off-road, four wheel drive pedal powered vehicle from Germany. The development team are trying to bring its weight down below 50kg (110 lb). The prototype sports 400mm axle displacement, 290Nm of torque and Shimano's Nexus 8 shifting system.


man riding the champiot Ultra Quad

The Champiot touts itself as being a 'Rowing Machine on Wheels', due to the fact that the rider pumps a levers on each side of the four wheeled frame to get up a head of speed. Like an upper body exercise apparatus that moves you. There's also a model for folk with lower leg disabilities.

Rhoades Car

Rhoades Car quad bike

Falls somewhere the two person Twike and Fred Flinstone's foot car, (in fact you can get a four person version too, even a hot dog stand option.) Comes complete with rear view mirror, deluxe seats, (note the arm rests!), a 36 speed transmission and a watertight cargo box. Not aerodynamic, but sure looks comfy.

The Van

The Van quad

A more work-like vehicle from the same people who make the Windcheetah speedster noted in our Trikes round-up. The Van is designed to carry a cargo payload of 180kg, secured from the elements via a lockable roller shutter door. Said to be ideal for postal services, couriers, etc. Optional electric power unit available.

Snowplow Bike

Man using the Snowplow Bike

A Trek bicycle engineer built this beauty from part of a ride-on lawnmower and old bicycle components. The blades were formed from a couple of shovels, with one of the handles employed to raise and lower the plow.


Couple riding the railroad quad

A recumbent pedal-power bike with models that sit up to four, for use on abandoned rail lines, where there is a minimum of rolling resistance. Conversion kits also allow riders to put a regular bike (or two onto the train tracks. Has it is own US enthusiasts group known as Rail Riders.

Quadracycle Buick

pedal powered buick driving down the road

The so called 'Flintstonemobile' came to our attention when, as a functioning artwork by Canadian artist Dean Baldwin, it was pulled over by police and he charged with "operating an unsafe vehicle." Admittedly his pedal powered car had no floorboards, engine, transmission or licence plates, However the votive candle headlights, steering, brakes and quadracycle drive were working perfectly!