Purdue Readies Green Certification Program

Many jobs can benefit from green training, not just renewable and sustainable industries. (Photo: Jo Guldi [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Clean energy jobs are on the rise, green job training programs are receiving massive amounts of grant funding from the government and private institutions, and the green building trend is becoming more popular. To help address these growing trends, the Purdue University Technical Assistance Program (TAP) and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) have partnered in order to create a new green certification program. Students that complete the program will ultimately be awarded a Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate.

Green manufacturing job goes beyond wind turbine line workers and solar panel techs. Nearly every manufacturing employee can benefit from green jobs training – how to do their job in a more eco-friendly way.

“The Purdue TAP curriculum focuses on such topics as sustainable manufacturing, energy efficiency, water conservation, reuse and recycling, designing for the environment and how different pollutants affect the environment.” Source: SME

The Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate program is under development and the SME is working on an exam that students will need to pass in order to obtain the certificate. The first group of students is expected to sit for the certification exam sometime next year.

The Purdue Technical Assistance Program worked with 703 companies in 86 Indiana counties during 2008-2009. The TAP is focused on boosting the state’s economy and provides several services including advanced manufacturing training, energy efficiency services, business innovation programs, and a summer intern program.