The Best Part of the Big Game Is the Puppy Bowl

Gallager is on Team Fluff, though we hope his enthusiasm improves before the big game — by which we mean the Puppy Bowl, of course. Animal Planet

Some people probably do tune in for the football on Super Bowl Sunday, but we secretly know that the real sporting event that day is the Puppy Bowl.

Tail-wagging puppies take over the field on Animal Planet on Sunday, Feb. 3, at 3 p.m. (pregame starts at 2 p.m.) as the Puppy Bowl celebrates its 15th year with more dogs from more shelters than ever before. Puppy Bowl XV will feature 93 puppies from more than 50 shelters in over 20 states and U.S. territories, plus Costa Rica.

Here's a look at some of the cute and cuddly players representing "Team Ruff" and "Team Fluff."

There are several special needs contestants including Will, a three-legged doodle mix, and Bumble, a blind and hearing-impaired Australian shepherd mix.

Puppy Bowl's Will and Bumble
Will and Bumble sport their team logo. Animal Planet

Several of the dogs come from the Sato Project which rescues abandoned and abused dogs from the streets of Puerto Rico. Meet Harry and Bugsy.

Puppy Bowl Harry and Bugsy
Harry and Bugsy came to the Puppy Bowl courtesy of the Sato Project in Puerto Rico. Animal Planet

These puppies end up being winners on and off the field. Every dog that has taken part in the game in previous years has ended up getting adopted. Because the show was taped in the fall, most of these pups will probably be watching themselves on TV from the comfort of their new homes.

Puppy Bowl Scooter and Heinz
This is Scooter and Heinz. Animal Planet

Viewers can catch the action on and off the field with a locker room camera, the popular water bowl cam, kiss cam and aerial shots of the field. Sometimes it's as fun to watch the puppies nap as it is to watch them actually play.

Puppy Bowl Pirate and Helen
This is Pirate and Helen. Animal Planet

In addition to the puppy action, there's a kitten halftime show for feline fans. Older dogs will also get a chance to shine on Feb. 2, for the second Dog Bowl, featuring 63 adult dogs from shelters and rescues. The matchup — pitting Team Goldies versus Team Oldies — airs at 8 p.m., also on Animal Planet.

Puppy Bowl Maisey and Lola
Meet Maisey and Lola. Animal Planet

Here are more of the adorable players. Visit Animal Planet to meet the full starting lineup.

Puppy Bowl Shy and Sierra
Here's Shy and Sierra. Animal Planet
Puppy Bowl Foles and Ziggy
This is Foles and Ziggy ..... those ears!. Animal Planet
Puppy Bowl Clara
Hello, Clara!. Animal Planet
Puppy Bowl Melody
Melody. Animal Planet