Wayback Machine: Still waiting for that Personal Rapid Transit

© Our new age via Paleofuture

Podcars have been very controversial on TreeHugger. They have their place and are a hit at Heathrow, but I have always thought of them as designed to placate people who think that everyone on a bus is either poor, deranged or both. I had a bit of a conversion after talking to PRT advocate Nathen Koren, but they are probably dead in the water now thanks to the self driving car, which does the same thing without the expensive dedicated track in the sky. But back in 1970, they were the future. Matt Novak of Paleofuture digs up a 1972 issue of Our New Age that describes the problem that PRTs are supposed to solve and envisions things to come:

The average private automobile spends more than 90% of its time immobile, but car-like pods automatically directed on guideways, coming when summoned and going where individuals choose, may be acceptable to people as a substitute for autos...

And because public transit is so disrespectful of your privacy, and involves that new horrible concept of sharing public space, which will be totally solved by inventing a personal bus in a separated guideway:

In the future, people movers will respect your individual desire to go in privacy from where you are to where you want to go, without stopping where others want to stop!

God forbid. Can't have that. More in PaleoFuture

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