Wayback Machine: The Shuffle Demons On The Wonders Of Public Transit

In 1986 the Shuffle Demons, a Toronto band, did an homage to a smelly bus on a crowded street, Spadina Avenue, one of Jane Jacobs' favourites, home to waves of immigrants and new ideas, new cultures. And really, who writes songs about buses?

Then a wonderful new dedicated right of way was built in the middle of the street and the Spadina bus was history. Now they are upgrading the tracks for new improved streetcars and the Spadina bus is back, and so are the shuffle Demons. They did a special performance in an old retired GM bus like the one that starred in the original, (see pix on Torontoist here).

What all those people who hate transit miss is that each has a character of its own, a culture, something that makes you part of a bigger world. Darren Nordahl wrote in My Kind of Transit:

By its very nature, transit breaks through the socio-economic boundaries of neighbourhoods...Transit cars, being a mobile form of public spaces, travel from one neighbourhood to the next and often gather a great diversity of people along the way. The rich ride with the poor, the young with the old, the black with the white, the gay with the straight.

The Shuffle Demons put it to music.

Wayback Machine: The Shuffle Demons On The Wonders Of Public Transit
As a bus returns to busy Spadina Avenue in Toronto, a reminder of the charms of a crowded, smelly and slow bus

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