Watching Transit in Action: Rush Hour Squeezed Into Less Than A Minute

Here is what happens when a) a city actually shares its data with the public that pays for it, and b) clever people get their hands on it. Toronto programmer James Fisher took the data on buses and streetcars available from City of Toronto’s Open Data License v2.0 and colour coded it, (red the slowest, blue the fastest) and crammed it into 57 seconds of video. You get to see how the city wakes up and gets to work in the morning. Fisher tells the Star:

“I’m a very curious person, For me, the technical challenge is as much interest as the output. I wanted to see if I could do it and make it work.”

Here is another video that he did earlier, showing Toronto's streetcars only. In a lot of ways I find it more impressive, showing that they are clearly a critical part of our transportation infrastructure. Suburban politicians like our Mayor hate them, because they get in the way of their minivans. But I live on that fast moving white line at the top, and have come to love it.

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