Vancouver's TransLink Tries to Better Integrate Bikes with Buses, Trains, and Ferries

Vancouver TransitStreetfilms/Screen capture

Multi-Modal, Baby

Metro Vancouver's TransLink is doing exactly the right thing by making it possible for commuter to go multi-modal and ride their bike and then hop with it on a bus, train, or ferry. Anything that gives people more flexibility, and increases convenience, will help drive up the number of people who move around the city via greener modes of transportation. We don't just need good buses, or good trains, or good bike infrastructure in isolation. We need an integrated transportation system that links all of those together!

Our friends over at Streetfilms have a great video that shows all that TransLink has been doing, and hopefully other cities are paying attention and will follow suit.

Vancouver TransitStreetFilms/Screen capture

Via Streetfilms

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