Vancouver Crowned Most Walkable City in Canada

Walk Score's First Top 10 Ranking of Canadian Cities

The nice people at Walk Score keep expanding their offering (f.ex. bikeability scores by address). They provide exactly the kind of information that can help someone make a better decision about where to move or work. Walkability, bikeability, and transit availability wouldn't be the only criteria, obviously, but since they can have such a big impact on quality of life and one's environmental footprint, they should be taken into account.

Walk Score's latest top 10 ranks Canadian cities by walkability:

1. Vancouver (Walk Score: 78)
2. Toronto (Walk Score: 71)
3. Montreal (Walk Score: 70)
4. Mississauga (Walk Score: 59)
5. Ottawa (Walk Score: 54)
6. Winnipeg (Walk Score: 53)
7. Edmonton (Walk Score: 51)
8. Hamilton (Walk Score: 51)
9. Brampton (Walk Score: 48)
10. Calgary (Walk Score: 48)

For the top three cities, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, Walk Score has scores by neighborhoods (click on the links to see the city pages). Each city page also has a Google Map with overlaid color information that shows which areas are best and which are not very walkable.

These scores are being integrated into real estate websites so that the information is available even to those who might not be aware of the official Walk Score website.

Via Walkscore

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Vancouver Crowned Most Walkable City in Canada
Walk Score has published its first top 10 ranking of Canadian cities for walkability. They also have information about specific neighborhood. This is very useful to anyone who's thinking about buying or renting in these areas.

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