Timelapse Train Journey Travels Through the Four Seasons

Train travel is special because of the way you get to enjoy the scenery as you travel. But what makes a trip even more interesting is when you get to see the shift in seasons right before your eyes. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has given us just such an opportunity by recording the same 453-mile journey Trondheim to Bodø during different times of the year. The segments were then synchronized so that the seasons flow into each other as you make your way down the tracks. in each of the seasons.

The company states, "The Nordland Railway (‘Nordlandsbanen’ in Norwegian) celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The railway is 729 kilometers long, and passes thorugh spectacular scenery, varying from the fjord area around Trondheim in the south, through beautiful valleys, over mountains and along fjords before crossing the Arctic Circle at Saltfjellet and descending down to the coastal city of Bodø."

This one-minute snippet is just a taste of the full video of the 10-hour trip. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video that shows just how the video was created.

Timelapse Train Journey Travels Through the Four Seasons
A gorgeous video shows what it looks like to travel on this train's route as the seasons change.

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