Straddle Bus may be coming down the road soon [Video]

Screen capture China TBS

Mike first showed us the "3D Fast Bus" three years ago; two years ago people were calling it vaporware.

But it might not be just a dream after all; China TBS shipping released an elaborate video that is making the rounds, showing a lot more detail.

land airbusChina TBS/Screen capture

It is now called the "Land Airbus".

Land AirbusLand Airbus/Screen capture

It's articulated! it appears to be a lot longer and bends around corners.

interiorChina TBS/Screen capture

The interior is really snazzy; you enter by dropping down from above in a glass elevator.

enerting stationChina TBS/Screen capture

Entering the station; cars just keep going under it. The video makes it all seem almost plausible.

Straddle Bus may be coming down the road soon [Video]
They say that the "Land airbus is the future of the city."

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