The Simpsons subway system gets some big upgrades

Simpsons subway
Screen capture Atlantic Cities

In 1993, four years after the start of "The Simpsons," a subway system for the Simpsons' home city of Springfield appeared in an episode. It wasn't the most elaborate system, mostly just a loop. On Sunday, however, a new episode of The Simpsons featured an updated subway map. It looks a lot nicer, and a lot more like the subway maps of New York, Paris, London, DC, etc.

Here's the subway map from 1993:


But how about this lively and colorful map from the latest Simpsons episode?

bart simpson subway mapAtlantic Cities/Screen capture


As many Simpsons fans will notice, many of the stops on the new subway map allude to previous Simpsons episodes, with stations at the Women's Prison (where Marge spent some time), The Museum of Sandpaper, Fast Food Boulevard, and Shelbyville, for example. There are also simply wacky and playful names like Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport, Queasy Street, Nathan Lane, the Yes Roundabout, Jerk Circle, Albino Heights, Ugli, Dullsville, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams (of course, broken dreams is a somewhat common theme on The Simpsons). Of course, there are several ethnic neighborhoods in Springfield, with stations at Little Italy, Little Ethiopia, Medium-Sized Italy, and simply Ethnictown.

The take-home point? I guess the take-home point would be that people are riding transit more.

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The Simpsons subway system gets some big upgrades
Yes, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie & crew have a subway system. And it's a lot better than the one they had in 1993.

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