Next Metro Stop... Gaza City?

An image from the exhibit "A Metro in Gaza."

To those concerned about pollution and congestion in Gaza, the glowing orange "M" sign appeared as a beacon of hope, designating 70 stops on a new underground metro line.

The subway system, alas, isn't real, but Palestinian artist Mohammed Abusal, who mapped out an entire subterranean transport grid for Gaza, thinks the idea is not as far-fetched as it may first sound.

"We’re experienced in digging holes and tunnels underground so we must put that experience to good use now," Abusal said in an interview published on the regional website Mashallah News, referring to the underground tunnels Gaza residents use to smuggle goods into the blockaded strip.

An image from the exhibit "A Metro in Gaza."

There are some serious obstacles, of course, including a ban on construction material entering the densely populated area, home to 1.6 million people. But "by presenting the metro as an already normal reality, Abusal’s artistic venture is planting an idea," Mashallah News writes. And such a system would do much to help clear the air, which is dirtied by old vehicles burning cheap, poor-quality fuel.

Abusal exhibited photographs of his metro sign at various "stops" across Gaza in a show at the French Cultural Center in Gaza City. According to Mashallah News, the exhibit will tour across Palestine in the coming months.

"It's a visual solution, not a real solution because I’m not an engineer or working in the government," Abusal said. "It’s a dream, an idea I’m putting out there, to get people to think of another kind of life that we would have if we had an underground metro."

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