New images of the future of transport unveiled by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

hyperloop car
© Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

So much hyperactivity in the Hyperloop world these days. It's confusing; We recently covered how Hyperloop One, previously known as Hyperloop Technologies, demonstrated a linear induction motor in the desert to much applause. They also announced their name change to differentiate themselves from the competition, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, or HTT.

front seats in hyperloopo© Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

HTT is now winning in the critical vaporware rendering race, with a new release of stills and videos showing what look like very narrow seats, an aisle that will require you go move down sideways, and a ledge or shelf pushing into your body at about chest height.

seats angled© Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

I do like the idea of the dividing walls instead of fighting over armrests.

It should be noted that the stills look completely different from the video, which shows more conventional airplane-like seating and "augmented windows" that are actually displays letting one look at the landscape outside. HTT is actually staffed primarily by volunteers so it is not surprising that the two visions are quite different.

In other news that is bound to increase confidence in the reality of the Hyperloop as envisioned by HTT, they have announced that it will be built of Vibranium, formerly a fictional material in Captain America's shield, but now a carbon fiber composite from Slovenia that is "eight times stronger than aluminum and 10 times stronger than steel alternatives,"

capsule© Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

"What we are showing is, in part, this smart material which transmits without power integral stability and other values wirelessly," Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of both HTT and crowdfunding startup JumpStartFund, told The Verge. "Safety is the most important aspect. So the construction is done with [two] layers of Vibranium ... Guaranteeing absolute safety. Should one fail, [we] would we have another layer that guarantees that the passenger can be brought to safety."

In her coverage of the Hyperloop One linear motor demonstration, Allison Arieff suggested that it makes her feel "that it will all be revealed as a breathtaking piece of performance art." With their distorted impossible renderings and Vibranium shell, I wonder if Hyperloop Transportation Technology will not be revealed as an elaborate trailer for a new Marvel movie or comic strip.

New images of the future of transport unveiled by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
The two competing hyperloop companies give new meaning to the phrase "pipe dream."

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