Israeli startup aims to enable wireless charging of electric buses while driving

ElectRoad wireless electric vehicle charging
© ElectRoad

ElectRoad's wireless charging system could help increase the adoption of electric vehicles, especially in the public transportation sector.

In the near future, electric vehicles, especially public transit buses, could be charged while they're driving, which could eliminate the need for larger batteries and more charging stations, if the work of ElectRoad gets scaled up and commercialized. This Israeli startup has developed a wireless charging system that can be installed just 8 centimeters under existing roads, which can then automatically charge electric vehicles outfitted with a companion system simply by driving on the electric road.

ElectRoad is still at an early stage, although the company's Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) system has been tested on a small scale on a section of road in Tel Aviv, where it has been used to power an electric city bus, which has allowed the company to test the system for performance and durability "in real city conditions." This wireless electric charging road technology is said to be fairly quick to install, with one kilometer of road able to be upgraded to the DWPT system "in half a day."

The primary focus of ElectRoad is the charging of electric public transportation solutions, and the company claims that its wireless charging roads can allow buses to use smaller batteries, which reduces the overall weight and cost of electric buses, while also radically increasing their range. According to the company, its system has a charging efficiency of more than 88%, and while ElectRoad is certainly not the first, nor the only, company working on wireless vehicle charging, the company's CEO Oren Ezer says its technology is different from others working in the space.

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