Go to the Beach Inside this Subway Car

We're always talking about how public transportation should be functional and fun. Swings on BART trains, no-pants subway rides, even slides into the metro station—this kind of stuff adds a dimension of unpredictability and zeal to our daily commute, and it's just not possible in a car.

Which is why I'm a pretty big fan of this immersive ad that emulates the beach in Seoul subway cars. Alex Goldmark explains over at Transportation Nation:

When the New York subway system coats a car in advertising, or plasters an entire station with one ad campaign, they call it “full wrapping” and “station domination.” Aggressive terms.
This trompe l’oeil Korean interior ad campaign struck us as less dominating than destabilizing, as fitting for a flood warning as for a beach vacation daydream. Why shouldn’t your commute feel like a walk on the beach crossed with a disaster movie?
Indeed, why not? Why not upend convention from time to time? Fun stuff.

Go to the Beach Inside this Subway Car
Subway riders are treated to an unexpected, immersive paint job inside the subway in Seoul, South Korea.

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