Every city needs a “Bus Lady” like Houston’s Janis Scott

Janis SCott
© Streetflims

Houston’s bus-loving “Bus Lady” could be the city’s secret weapon in converting car drivers into bus riders.

"There’s all types of reasons to ride the bus. Make new friends, learn about things ... you want to get people out of their cars and mix, mix, mix. That’s true in any city. Try it, you’ll like it!" – Janis Scott

When Streetfilms took to the streets of Houston, Texas to make a film on the city’s admirable decision to revamp their bus system, they received a bonus: Janis Scott, aka the Bus Lady. Apparently, the documentary film gods were feeling generous that day; Scott is gold

In their main story on the topic, Streetfilms explores how Houston took on an extremely ambitious, complete examination of every single bus route in the city, before wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch to redesign the system. The results? A new METRO, as Streetfilms notes:

One that has faster service, more efficient, better routes and one that is already boasting big gains in weekend service. And the changes have been essentially revenue neutral, meaning that all the Houston bus system is running at about the same budget it did prior.

And few people may be happier about it all than the unofficial mayor of the METRO, Scott. The Bus Lady is featured in the main story, but she had so many great things to say that they gave her a bonus short Streetfilm of her own, which you can watch below.

And for more on the wow-worthy transformation of the METRO, watch the main film here:

Don't you want to ride the bus now? Get out there and mix, mix, mix!

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