Elon Musk announces Hyperloop Model 2 will arrive in 2017

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via Tesla Motors, Hyperloop Division

Last night Elon Musk announced his latest version of the Hyperloop, the high speed mass transit system for the rest of us who can't afford a Model S. Covered earlier in TreeHugger, Musk told Mike that he was too busy to actually do it himself, saying “I wish I had not mentioned it, I still have to run SpaceX and Tesla, and it’s f*cking hard.”

However his German design office found patents and plans that already existed, so instead of starting from scratch they are going to be using the design that is really not that different from model one, with electromagnets pulling the train through glass tubes.

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There are others who believe that the answer to the problem of the American car is not under the hood, and we're not going to find a bright green future by looking there. They are already lining up to buy tickets on this more affordable means of transport.


When asked why they were lining up to buy tickets on something that didn't exist, they all said that Elon Musk was their hero and they would line up if he was selling one way tickets on the Space X Dragon.

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The Hyperloop 2 essentially is a giant linear induction motor, with big magnetic rings around the cars that are driven forward by electromagnets lining the tube. It will be cheap and fast and shared. TreeHugger can't wait.

Elon Musk announces Hyperloop Model 2 will arrive in 2017
The long-awaited high speed transport for everyone is coming soon.

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