Electronic tickets on smartphones are the future of mass transit

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e-ticket usage to triple within 5 years

Smartphones are changing everything these days, and that includes mass transit. In the same way that airlines (among other industries) have moved to e-tickets to increase convenient and efficiency, it's expected that transit systems will also move to digital ticketing systems. Juniper Research forecasts that the number of transit transactions will triple to 16 billion by 2018, and no doubt keep growing after that.

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This seems like a good thing (unless the implementation is screwed up). If it can make cash-strapped transit systems more efficient, and if it can make using transit more frictionless and convenient for riders, everybody should win.

In fact, some would argue that buses and subways should be made free to ride to get rid of that friction altogether, but that's a whole other discussion...

via Juniper Research, WIRED

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