Designers imagine what a ride on the 800 MPH solar-powered Hyperloop might look like

The Hyperloop, if it ever gets passed the testing phase, might be a really fast (L.A. to San Francisco in 35 minutes) and clean (solar-powered) way to move people between large cities that are a bit too far for cars and buses, and a bit too close for air travel to make sense, but for it to be successful, sitting in a tube probably needs to not feel like sitting in a tube. Airplanes are pretty bad now, but imagine how much worse they would be without windows to give you a nice view and let some daylight through...

Argo Design hyperloop© Argo Design via Designboom

Argo Design gave itself the challenge of creating a concept for what the Hyperloop might be like, both from the outside, but also from the perspective of a passenger. What they came up with is quite interesting, as you can see above and below.

‘from trains to cars to airplanes, there’s always been a certain romance associated with modern travel,’ describes mark rolston, founder and chief creative officer at argo design. ‘we wanted to explore how the hyperloop could take shape as a delightful and memorable experience for travelers.’ the creative concepts contain four removable capsules for [carrying] passengers, vehicles and cargo. when ready, the capsules are fastened to the ‘hyperloop’ sled.(source)

Argo Design hyperloop© Argo Design via Designboom

You can get more info and see many more pictures of this interesting concept at Designboom.

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