China Turned Into Giant Parking Lot During Holiday Week

China Beijing Massive Traffic Jam© Imaginechina/corbis

Best Advert for Public Transportation?

Massive gridlock is expected on China's roads this week, showing us how important quality public transit is (not that China is the worst offender when it comes to that, but they've been getting more car-dependent over time). The reason is simple: The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival or Zhongqiu Festival, falls one day before the Chinese National Day, which means the usual seven-day Golden Week celebration for the National Day is be prolonged by one more day. That, on its own, is enough to turn highways into parking lots, but the government has also decided that "all toll roads in the country will be temporarily toll-free to motor vehicles with fewer than seven seats from September 30 to October 7."

This leads to traffic jams that are so slow-moving and so long that people are doing yoga on the road, walking their dogs around the cars, playing sports, etc. Check out the photos here:

-China’s highways so jammed during major holidays, travelers work out during long waits

-Spotted on Weibo: Killing Time on China’s Massively Overcrowded Roads

I particularly like the second picture here that shows people playing badminton on the road...

Via MoT, Tea Leaf Nation

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