Apple's iOS 6 Maps Doesn't Have Transit Directions

Apple iOS 6 Maps© Apple

Unlike Google Maps, Which It Replaces as iOS's Default

Apple's unveiling of its next upgrade to the iOS mobile platform showcased many very cool things, including the brand new Apple Maps app, which will replace the Google Maps default on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. While it looks great and will include a feature that provides driving and walking turn-by-turn directions, it does not (yet?) provide transit information, unlike Google Maps. Hopefully that will be fixed before the official release in the fall of 2012, or shortly afterwards, and it won't be a missing feature for years like cut & paste on the original iPhone.

Update (December 2012): Still Looking for a Good Public Transit App for your iPhone? Google Maps is Back to iOS

Apple iOS 6 Maps© Apple

It's not exactly the end of transit directions on iProducts. I'm sure that Google will make its maps available as a third party apps, and other map apps will probably offer transit info (though some of those might be paying apps). What's too bad is that right now, transit info is a free feature in the built-in default, and countless studies have shown that the more steps are required for users to get to a feature, the less it will be used. So requiring iOS users to get a third party app could deter some of the more marginal users of transit info, and keep them from using transit at times.

But hopefully that won't be a problem and Apple will add back the feature before launch. Are you listening, Apple?

If you want to make your voice heard, you can take part of this campaign which asks Apple to include that feature in iOS 6.

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