By 2030, all Los Angeles buses will be zero emission

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I can almost smell the clean air already...

Remember when Los Angeles retired its last diesel bus back in 2011?

It turns out, that was just the beginning. According to a recent report in the LA Times, the city's transportation leaders are working toward a goal of 100% zero emission buses by 2030. Yes, that means electric or hydrogen buses won't just be the norm in 13 years—they'll be the only types of buses on the road.

This is very exciting. While we cheer developments like the Tesla Model 3, TreeHugger has been pretty consistent in arguing for a reduction in not just fossil fuel dependency, but car dependency too. And electric buses offer a one-two punch in that regard.

Critics will, no doubt, argue that 2030 is a long way off. But the fact is that a transition this big will have to start now, so we can expect a significant portion of LA's buses to be electric in the not too distant future. And this shift will only accelerate trends going on elsewhere.

Already, 20% of new bus sales in China are electric and London is transitioning to zero emission buses.

With cities getting serious about bike infrastructure too, I'm getting less and less worried that we'll shift to electric cars without also making significant inroads into rethinking car-centered development too.

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