Why not learn from the best? 10 great transportation ideas from 10 great cities!

Hangzhou bike share
Screen capture SF

Tools to create livable, healthy, green cities

Below are 10 great ideas from 10 great cities. I'm not quite sure about the outdoor escalators, but everything else is pretty awesome. Not every one of those ideas would fit everywhere (some ideas are better in hilly areas, others in flat areas), but if most cities decided to invest more in that type of infrastructure rather than more car parkings, pollution would go down and health and happiness would go up a lot.

Check out the video for the 10 great ideas from 10 great cities (well, the last one isn't exactly a city, but it's a great idea!), and if you want more one any one city, just keep scrolling down!

Here are more in-depth looks at the 10 cities and the great things that they do to be more livable and more people-centric rather than car-centric:

1- Medellin

2- Zurich

3- Groningen

4- Hangzhou

5- New York City

6- Copenhagen

7- Buenos Aires

8- Portland

9- London

10- Ciclovia EVERYWHERE!

Via Streetfilms

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