The Prosecco Van Is the Food Truck for the Happy City

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TreeHugger has followed the food truck craze and expressed some concern about them, particularly with the amount of waste and the clouds of diesel fumes. But here is food, or rather drink, truck that I would love to try on a hot summer day.

prosecco van set up

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The Prosecco Van does one thing and does that one thing very well: it pumps prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine) on tap from a little converted Piaggio Apé tricycle van.Design site Gessato notes:

Similar to an ice cream van for children – and also bringing happy smiles on people’s faces – but for adults and filled with delicious and bubbly prosecco. Apart from the refreshing concept, the van also looks like it has traveled through time.
prosecco van with glasses

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What I particularly like is that it is stocked with real glassware, not plastic cups, for a better, less wasteful experience.

Unfortunately it doesn’t hang out with the other food trucks on the street, but is available for hire (alas, only in the UK) from Bubble Bros. for parties and events. That’s a shame; on a hot day it would make for a happy city.

bubble brothers

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