Procter & Gamble Launches Dish Soap Bottle Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

©. Procter & Gamble

As the world waits to see whether Boylan Slat really can clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a whole lot of ocean plastic is still washing up on beaches across the world.

What if that plastic could be put to good use?

Procter & Gamble (P&G;) has just announced its latest effort to do just that, launching a limited-run bottle of its popular Fairy dish soap brand that's made from 10% recycled ocean plastics, as well as 90% post consumer recycled plastics. Created in partnership with up-cycling innovators Terracycle, which has been collecting rigid plastics from beach clean-up organizations for some time, the new Fairy Ocean Plastic Bottle marks the largest production run of its kind in the world, with 320,000 bottles coming on sale to consumers across the UK in 2018 in an effort to raise awareness of the pressing problem of ocean plastic pollution. If successful, P&G; says it intends extend the initiative across other brands and regions in the future.

Of course, 320,000 bottles is just a drop in the ocean (sorry!) compared to the vast amount of single use plastic that is manufactured and discarded every day. But it's good to see leading brands not just get behind plastics recycling in a big way, but also using the opportunity to raise awareness of, and channel funding to, organizations who are on the front lines holding back the tide of plastic pollution.