Private Permaculture Garden Includes a Public Bus Shelter (Video)

permaculture urban food forest photo
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From an awesome tour of a permaculture allotment to a 20-year-old forest garden there are, of course, many fabulous video tours of permaculture projects and gardens available online. Many of these plots have incredible plants and other features. But this might be the first time I've seen a private garden that includes its own, cob-constructed bus shelter. And it's open to the public...

Having brought us video of a community forest garden in San Francisco, and where to source the very best square foot gardening tool, John of Growing Your Greens takes us on a tour of his friends' house in Portland, Oregon.

From edible tree leaves to berries to sprouts and seed pods, there are plenty of unusual edible and useful plants to gawk at. Not to mention bee hives and rainwater harvesting and reclaimed construction materials. But perhaps the coolest feature, for me, is a water-harvesting cob bus shelter that was built in partnership with the local transit authority.

Given all the talk of the Plenitude Economy of late, what if we all looked for ways to provide public benefit from our private property in some small way?