Prefabricated Cantilevered Stairs Are "The Maximum in Minimalism"

Diamond Stairs
CC BY 2.0. Promo image

Promo image/CC BY 2.0

Treehugger used to do a "Stair of the Week" feature, promoting stairs as a healthy, low energy way of moving between floors. Often they would be gorgeous cantilevered stairs that cost a fortune to build. Now Diamond Stairs has designed a prefab cantilevered stair that lets anyone break the building codes by building a stair without a guard or handrail. (They do have an option for a glass guard, but it just isn't the same thing)

Diamond Stairs

Diamond Stairs/Promo imageIt is really quite ingenious.

Each step assembly comes with a tread, two brackets, bolts and a telescoping support stud. The stud is installed with the brackets protruding outward. A wall is then installed around the brackets. Once the wall is finished the treads may be bolted in place.
diamond stair with guard

Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

They showed it at ICFF with a guard, and it is just not the same thing;

diamond stair without guard

Diamond Stairs/Promo image

People should be allowed to do this within the privacy of their own homes. And with this system, they now can, out of the box. More at Diamond Stairs