POWERplus Gazelle Is a Flintstones-Style Generator

powerplus gazelle image
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Photo via It Must Be Green product page

Recently, we saw how much pedaling it would take to power a home, but if you need a little boost for gadgets during a power outage or emergency, the POWERplus Gazelle is one handy - er, footy - option. The unit seems very useful if you're ready to expend quite a bit of energy. It has a 12V
internal battery, with output options of 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V and 12V so you can power a wide range of gadgets. There's also an AC inverter is integrated in the powerbank so you can enjoy 220V power at max.100W... if you can pedal like a demon.

It also has an integrated flashlight, storage space for adapters etc and an integrated handle for easy carrying and transportation, which makes it a useful item to have in an emergency kit. However, right now it's available in the UK for £89.99, which makes it a pricey option. A less energy intensive (on your part) alternative might be a good solar charger.