Potty Trained Pigs Cut Waste Water by 80%

potty training pigs photo
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Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration has announced that, following the success of some trials in 2009, it is looking to have pig breeders 'toilet train' their porkers, in a measure to reduce the volume of waste water generated by that country's six million swine.Apparently in that earlier trial a Southern Tiawanese breeder was successful in getting some of his 10,000 pigs to become potty trained. A 2009 news report has Chang Chung-tou, a pig farmer in Yunlin county, saying, "The pig toilets on my farm help me collect about 95% of all pig waste, making cleaning much, much easier."

The Taiwanese EPA in their most recent announcement suggest that aside from
reduced the amount of waste water by up to 80% pig farms were also cleaner and less smelly, and additionally the trotter toilets helped reduce illness among the pigs and boosted their fertility by 20%.

Why might this be important environment news? Because excrement from intensive factory style farming of livestock and poultry is a huge contributor to land and water pollution.

In his book, 'Beyond Beef' Jeremy Rivkin, says food geographer Borgstrom estimates that cattle and livestock account for twice the amount of pollutants as comes from all US industrial sources. Or as noted in Harvey Diamond's book Your Heart, Your Planet, "every second 250,00 pounds (113 tonnes) of excrement are produce from livestock in the USA."

Taiwan EPA via Yahoo Green
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